Celebrating socially and environmentally driven businesses

About the Show

The way we do business can advance equality, social justice, and environmental sustainability.  The Fair Trade Show is a Toronto-based consumer show dedicated to promoting social enterprises that do just that.  For three years we have been connecting ethical businesses to consumers who believe in the power their purchases have to shape the world around them. Join us at the Buy Good. Feel Good Expo – May 13th & 14th 2017!

Exhibitor Video

“One of the reasons I am passionate about Soul Woven is that I get to expand the market for the artisans I work with..”

– Claire Levick,  Soul Woven

Visitor Testimonial

“I did not know that so many ethical companies existed. Everything was of great quality and came with a great story of hope in a better world”

– Ewelina Kaminski, Toronto

Exhibitor Testimonial

“We provide people with the opportunity to travel responsibly and make a lasting impact on the communities they are visiting”

– Jay Mahoney, The New World Community

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The following organisations share our values and aspirations for a better and just world.

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